Alan Lowenstein
General Information
Full name Alan Lowenstein
Gender Male
Birthdate 1974
Age 43
Resides in San Francisco, California
Occupation Neurosurgeon
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Affiliations Me Sing? I Could Never. Okay!
Family and Friends
Parents Unnamed Mother
Children Keisha (former foster daughter)
Relatives Unnamed Cousin
Romances Elliot Park (Husband)
Friends Josh Kaminski
Gabi Diamond
Sofia Rodriguez
Production Information
First Appearance Young & Old
Portrayed by Bryan Safi

Alan Lowenstein is an reccuring character in series Young & Hungry. He's portrayed by Bryan Safi.


Alan is a fourty year old man who used to go to school with Elliot Park. Ever since college Alan had a crush on Elliot but he never told him, he thinks Elliot is such a catch and everyone wanted to be with him in high school. Alan was a shy guy and still is presumably he wasn't so popular in school. He never stopped thinking of Elliot. When Gabi contacted him he was happy and quickly agreed to see Elliot again. He opened a karaoke bar called Me Sing? I could never. Okay!

Episode History



Alan is forty-three years old. He has brown eyes and brown hair. He's slim body texture and is medium height. He's gay.


  • He's gay.
  • He had a crush on Elliot since college.
  • He's Elliot's husband.
  • He opened a karaoke bar called Me Sing? I Could Never. Okay!
  • He's friends with Gabi.
  • He has sleep apnea and uses oxygen to sleep.
  • He's colorblind.
  • He's Jewish.
  • He first appeared in Young & Old.
  • His first appearance in season 5 is in Young & Valentine's Day.
  • He is mentioned in Young & Amnesia and appears for the second time in season 5 in Young & Third Wheel.
  • His mother is introduced in Young & Third Wheel.


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