General Information
Characters shipped Gabi Diamond and Cam
Status Broken up
Portrayed by Emily Osment and Nick Roux
Cabi (Cam/Gabi) is a relationship between Gabi Diamond and Cam.

Other Ship Names

  • Cambi (Cam/Gabi)
  • Gam (Gabi/Cam)
  • Gabm (Gabi/Cam)


Young & Younger

Gabi and Cam first met in front of the elevator. Gabi starts to flirt with him and said to him that she is going down but not without a dinner and a movie. Then Cam entered the elevator and they went together on a date. Later, in front of Gabi's apartment, they talked about how great it was and when Cam said he should go he didn't really go but they started to kiss. Later, Cam came to the place where Gabi works and he told her how great of a time he had and then they kissed again and he asked her on another date. When Josh told Gabi that he saw Cam with another woman. Gabi went to his apartment and greeted him. Then, she found out that he is only 17 and then they broke up.


  • They dated for a short time.
  • Cam is younger that Gabi.
  • They did not have a lot of dates.

Similarities and Differences


  • They are both Young Adults


  • Gabi is a female, Cam is a male.
  • Cam is younger that Gabi.


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