General Information
Gender Female
Age 24
Occupation Lawyer
Hair Color Brown/Black
Family and Friends
Romances Derek (boyfriend)
Friends Gabi Diamond
Enemies Yolanda (posiblly)
Production Information
First Appearance Young & Getting Played
Portrayed by Sasha Compère
Cheryl is a guest character in series Young & Hungry. She's portrayed by Sasha Compère.

Episode History

Young & Getting Played 

Cheryl reng at the door to Josh's apartment.Yolanda opened her the door and she entered in. She told Yoland that she does not know why did she called her but that she's not gonna complain about it. So Yolanda told her to put some lipstick on and she did. When Derk came in Cheryl greeted him adn they hugged and they got back together.


Cheryl is a beautiful not tall lawyer. She has a dark skin and long brown hair. Her eyes are also brown. She wears beautiful clothes.


  • She's Derek's girlfriend.
  • She's a lawyer.
  • She's a start student.
  • She doesn't like Yolanda.
  • She broke up with Derek only because she couldn't live with the fact that Yolanda doesn't like her.



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