General Information
Full name Coleman
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Occupation Plastic Surgeon
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Family and Friends
Children Derek
Romances Yolanda (ex. wife)
Enemies Josh Kaminski(possibly)
Production Information
First Appearance Young & Old
Portrayed by Cedric Yarbrough
Coleman is a character that appears in season 2 of Young & Hungry.[1] He is Yolanda's ex-husband.


Coleman is around forty year old man. He is a plastic surgeon and a doctor. Coleman is quite a ladies man. He has an ex wife Yolanda who he keeps having romances with. Yolanda and Coleman were married but then they got a divorce because Coleman was cheating on Yolanda. He was about to get married for the second time but his bride stood him up right at the altar. After that he was sensitive so Yolanda wanted to get close to him and get a revenge but they once again had sex. When they went on a dinner Coleman left a waitress his phone number, so obviously he's no trust and is a player. He has a son names Derek


Coleman is a medium aged man. He had brown eyes and brown hair. He has a dark skin. Coleman is medium height and a bit chubby body shape. He's quite a player and likes to have affairs with lots of women.


  • He's Yolanda's ex husband.
  • He's a plastic surgeon.
  • He cheated on Yolanda.
  • He was about to get married for second time but got stood up at the altar.
  • He has a son Derek.


Season 2



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