Cooper's apartment
General Information
Residents Cooper Finley
Type Residential apartment
Number of Residents 1
Cooper's apartment is a place where Cooper Finley lives.


Cooper's apartment is very samll just like Gabi and Sofia's. It has kitchen and living room that are next to each other. In the kitchen there are lots of stuff and it's very messy. In the backgrond is also seen some sort of storage where Cooper keeps his bike. There are lots of computers. His apartment numberis 4.


  • Kitchen: his kitchen is small but cosy. It's very messy there are kitchen tools and food everywhere. 
  • Living room: Living rom is the biggest room in his apartment. It has a blue big couch a TV and lots fo computers.
  • Storage: storage is seen in the bakcground. That's where Coopers keeps his bike and the junk he does not need.


Appearances in Young & Hungry

Young & Punchy

Cooper's apartment first appeard in episode Young & Punchy it's where Gabi comes to Cooper's place to invite him for dinner at Josh's place so they can stop fiting. Cooper appologises to Gabi that it's very messy. Then he goes to the kitchen where he drinks chocolate milk that was on the counter


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