Danielle Stevens
General Information
Full name Danielle Stevens
Gender Female
Age 25
Resides in San Francisco, California
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Blonde
Family and Friends
Parents Shauna
Romances Josh Kaminski (one night stand)
Friends Gabi Diamond
Production Information
First Appearance Young & Ferris Wheel
Portrayed by Abbie Cobb
Danielle Stevens is one of the minor characters in the series, Young & Hungry..

She is portrayed by Abbie Cobb.


Danielle is a twenty five year old woman who's the child of Shauna. She hasn't spoken with her mother in lots of years because they had a big fight. When she was seven years old she had a birthdayp party and a bouncy house but she didn't know that her mother had sex in there with a clown. She addmited that she missed her mother and he life hasn't been teh same withouth her.

Physical Appearance

Danielle is a beautiful blonde girl. She's 25 years old and is very pretty. She has brown eyes and beautiful slim body. She's quite an averge height.

Character History

Season 2

Young & Ferris Wheel Danielle came per Gabi's request and she saw her mother after a long time since they were in a fight. Danielle told her she misses her and he life hasn't been the same withouth her. Then they have a truce and hug. When Danielle sees Josh she remembers him from her one night stand on a ferris wheel. Later in the evening she told him she loves him and tries to kiss him but he pushed her away. Danielle turns out to be kind of insane.


Josh Kaminski

She had a one night stand with Josh on a ferris wheel at a wedding. She didn't stop thinking about him and is in love with him ever since.


  • She's Shauna's daughter.
  • She's in love with Josh.
  • She's 25.
  • She had one night stand with Josh.


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