General Information
Full name Derek
Gender Male
Age 24
Occupation Lawyer
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Family and Friends
Parents Yolanda (Mother)
Coleman (Father)
Relatives Vanessa(sister)
Romances Cheryl (girlfriend)
Friends Sofia Rodriguez
Gabi Diamond
Josh Kaminski
Production Information
First Appearance Young & Getting Played
Portrayed by Maestro Harrell
Derek Coleman is a guest character in series Young & Hungry. >


Derek is a twenty four year old lawyer. He finished law school and now he's looking for a job. He had a girlfriend Cheryl who was the love of his life but they broke up because Yolanda didn't approve of Cheryl. He was very sad but then Sofia and Gabi helped him and he got back together with Cheryl. He once loved tandem riding bike with his mom.

Episode History

Young & Getting Played

To be added


Season 1


  • He's 24.
  • He's a lawyer.
  • He's mom is Yolanda.
  • He has a girlfriend.
  • He is a great student.


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