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General Information
Characters shipped Gabi Diamond and Elliot Park
Status Friends, Co-Workers
Portrayed by Emily Osment and Rex Lee

Ellabi is the pairing between Gabi Diamond and Elliot Park. They are portrayed by Emily Osment and Rex Lee.

For the really life pairing see Remily.


Gabi and Elliot have a frenemy relationship. From the beginning, Elliot did not like Gabi because she took Chef Michael Voltaggio's place. And from the minute Gabi was hired, Elliot tried to get her fired and is very mean to her and makes fun of her. The only time he has said something nice to her is in Young & Ringless, because Gabi wanted to help him and Elliot said that she was always his favorite. It was later revealed that is not true. However, despite bickering and insulting each other, they are able to be civil and occasionally get along, and Elliot seems less bent on getting Gabi fired, though does take delight in her misfortunes.



  • They are friends.
  • They are co-workers.
  • They both have feelings for Josh.
  • Elliot at first doesn't like Gabi, however it's shown in season 5, especially in Young & Amnesia, that he does actually care about her and is starting to like her.
  • Elliot is shown to be jealous of Gabi, since she can and has a relationship with Josh, whilst he can't and doesn't.

Other Ship Names

  • Galliot (Gabi/Elliot)
  • Ellbi (Elliot/Gabi)
  • Eabi (Elliot/Gabi)
  • Ebi (Elliot/Gabi)

Similarities and Differences


  • They both work for Josh.
  • They are both are nice to Josh.
  • Both have feelings for Josh.


  • Gabi is female, Elliot is male.
  • Gabi is heterosexual, Elliot is homosexual


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