In highschool, they used to call me me Emoji-Wan Kenobi.
— Gabi
Gabi and Logan
General Information
Characters shipped Gabi Diamond and Logan Rawlings
Status Friends
Portrayed by Ashley Tisdale and Emily Osment
Gabi and Logan is a relationship between Gabi Diamond and Logan Rawlings. Logan had a crush on Gabi.

Ship names

  • Labi (Logan/Gabi)
  • Lobi (Logan/Gabi)
  • Gogan (Gabi/Logan)
  • Dawlings (Diamond/Rawlings)
  • Ramond (Rawlings/Diamond)


Season 1

Young & Lesbian

  • Logan and Gabi met in Josh's apartment.
  • Gabi was being nice to Logan.
  • At the bar Logan and Gabi met.
  • Logan tried to kiss Gabi but Gabi moved away.
  • Gabi made Logan feel better and she promised she'll help her.
  • Gabi went on a dinner with Logan to pretend to be her girlfriend.
  • Gabi kissed Logan.
  • Logan thanked Gabi.

Season 2

Young & Munchies

  • TBA


  • Logan had a crush on Gabi.
  • Gabi didn't like Logan as a girlfriend.
  • Gabi helped Logan make her girlfriend jealous.
  • They are friends.


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