Gabi, I love you. But you're not exactly future wife of the second black president of the United States MATERIAL!
— Yolanda
Gabi & Yolanda (5x10)
General Information
Characters shipped Gabi Diamond and Yolanda
Status Close Friends, Co-Workers
Portrayed by Emily Osment and Kym Whitley
Golanda is a paring between Gabi Diamond and Yolanda.



Yolanda and Gabi first met when Gabi came to an interview for the private chef position and Yolanda opened door to welcome her. After Gabi finally found door she entered and Yolanda showed her around the house. When Gabi tried to llok for advice what to do with Josh since he's heart broken Yolanda started to tell her what to do, bu then she so the clock and she bounced away. 

After Gabi came back to get the knifes Yolanda told her that she was scared when she wound her in Josh's closet. When Elliot started to act bad to Gabi Yolanda protedted her and comfort her. On the end she separated Josh and Gabi when they wanted to hug.

Young & Ringless

At the start Gabi came to her first offical day for work and she said hi to Yolanda and left her jacket on the sofa, but Yolanda told her that is she wants to stay on her good side she will need to keep kitchen clean her stuff in the laundry room and stop singing. Elliot then started to make fun of Gabi but Yolanda comfort her and told Elliot to stop it. 

Later Gabi was freking out about the dinner for Chinese investors. Yolanda came to her and told her that she is a great cook and that she's gonna nail that dinner and then she hugged her and told her that she will stay with them for a long time. But when Carolien accused her of stealing she pushed her away and tole her that she's so fired.

Young & Lesbian


Other Ship Names

  • Glanda (Gabi/Yolanda)
  • Yabi (Yolanda/Gabi)
  • Yolabi (Yolanda/Gabi)

Similarities and Differences


  • They both work for Josh.


  • Yolanda is an adult, Gabi is a Young Adult


  • Yolanda and Gabi are friends and co-workers.
  • Yolanda treats Gabi like a daughter and often calls her "Girl" or "Baby".


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