Elliot I consider you my best man.
— Josh
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General Information
Characters shipped Josh Kaminski and Elliot Park
Status Best Friends/Employee-Boss
Portrayed by Jonathan Sadowski and Rex Lee

Joliot (Josh/Elliot) is a pairing between Josh Kaminski and Elliot Park.


Elliot is Josh's employee, but he is like his right hand man and he helps him with everything. Josh takes him as his best friend, but Elliot thinks of him more and he likes him. Everything Josh tells Elliot to do he does. Throught the first season Elliot clearls showed he wants him and Josh to be a thing but Josh thinks of him as best friend. In the last episode of season 1, Josh asked Ellot to be his best man.

Over the course of the series, their friendship continues and Elliot still kisses up to Josh, but Josh always looks out for Eliot and looks at him as a best friend as well as his employee. In season 5 especially, they are shown to be very close, but Elliot feels like Josh treats him like a maid rather than an employee in Young & Bridesmaids, but Josh tells Elliot that he would find someone else to do his personal tasks. Elliot is also the one to help Josh in Young & Amnesia remember Gabi, showing he cares about Josh. Elliot appears to still have a crush on Josh, especially in Young & Third Wheel even though Josh ignores it completely.

Other Ship Names

  • Josot (Josh/Elliot)
  • Josliot (Josh/Elliot)


  • Elliot always kisses up to Josh.
  • Elliot likes Josh.
  • Josh asked Elliot to be his best man at his wedding to Caroline, until the wedding never happened.
  • Elliot is Josh's publicist.
  • Josh referes to Elliot as his best friend as well his publicist.


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