The relationships that Josh Kaminski has with various characters throughout the series.


Donna Kaminski

Josh loves his mother Donna but sometimes she can be a pain in the butt so he sometimes thinks she's a bit annoying. 


Gabi Diamond

Main article: Jabi

(Has a crush on)

Gabi is Josh's employee. But things get ugly when Josh's girlfriend breaks up with him and Gabi tries to comfort him, but accidentally finds herself in his bed. They relationship starts to grow when they find out that they have a lot in common. One month after Gabi and Josh's mistaken drunken night, it was seen that Josh may have some feelings for Gabi, and he tells her that he will protect her as long as she works for him and they're friends. The finale reveals they both have feelings for each other, but Gabi is dating Cooper again.

Caroline Huntington

Main article: Jaroline


Josh and Caroline have been together for a long time. In the pilot episode, Josh told Gabi that he was planning to propose to Caroline. However, Caroline was under a lot of stress so she broke up with Josh. This leaves him feeling sad and after a having a few drinks with Gabi, they end up sleeping together. The next day Caroline returns and apologizes to Josh. They got together and Josh proposes to her which she accepts. They both confess that they slept with someone else.


Elliot Park

Main article: Joliot

(best friend)

Elliot is Josh's employee, but he is like his right hand man and he helps him with everything. Josh takes him as his best friend, but Elliot thinks of him more and he likes him. Everything Josh tells Elliot to do he does. Throught the first season Elliot clearls showed he wants him and Josh to be a thing but Josh thinks of him as best friend. In the last episode Josh asked Ellot to be his made of honor.


Yolanda is Josh's employee. But when Josh gets into sticky situations Yolanda helps him and makes him feel better she's like a mother to him.

Sofia Rodriguez

Sofia is Josh's friend. 

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