Matt Danon
Matt Danon
General Information
Full name Matt Danon
Gender Male
Resides in San Francisco, California
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Black
Family and Friends
Children Josh Kaminski (son)
Jake Kaminski (son)
Romances Kathy Kaminski (one night stand)
Production Information
First Appearance Young & Josh's Dad
Portrayed by Andy Buckley

Matt Danon is Josh and Jake Kaminski's estranged father. He is a recurring character in season 5 of Young & Hungry and first seen in the episode, Young & Josh's Dad.


Matt is estranged and has a very complicated relationship with his son, Josh. Josh barely knows his father and it is currently unknown where he lives, although its more likely in San Fransisco.


Young & Josh's Dad

Matt wants to patch things up with his son, Josh, who doesn't want to see him and the two don't get along well as they barely know each other. When Gabi and Sofia pick Matt up at the airport, Josh tricks Gabi in to believing he is with his dad, which causes Gabi to think she picked up a stranger. However, when they're getting gas, Gabi accidentally runs Matt over, landing him in the hospital. Josh visits his father, but tells him he will help him with the cost of the hospital, but will not let him have another dime, still thinking his dad is after his money.

Young & Softball

Matt wants, again, to try to get to know Josh and wants to go to Elliot's softball match, which Josh is apart of, but gets the wrong impression from Josh when Josh plays on Elliot's gay team.


  • He is a recurring character in season 5.
  • He's Josh's and Jake's estranged father.
  • He doesn't have a good relationship with Josh and they barely know each other.
  • Since he does not have the same last name as Josh, its assumed he got Donna pregnant during a one night stand and ran off, which Yolanda says and he never married Donna.
  • He ended up in hospital in Young & Josh's Dad, due to Gabi accidentally running him over.
  • He caught Gabi and Josh when they were about to have sex and briefly thought Josh was gay in Young & Softball.
  • He was mentioned in the season 3 episode Young & Parents, but not by name.
  • He currently only appears twice in season 5.


Season 3

Season 5


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