Me Sing? I Could Never. Okay!
General Information
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Type Public Bar

Me Sing? I Could Never. Okay! is a new karaoke bar opened in San Francisco. It's owner is Alan Lowenstein, Elliot's husband. 


Me Sing? I Could Never. Okay! is a karaoke bar that has been opened recently by Alan Lowenstein. It's been Alan's dream for a long time already to open a karaoke bar. He wants it to be a succes. The bar is well furnished and it's very cozy. It offers good food and a lot of drinks. However, he loses the lease and he is left jobless. 


  • Gabi Diamond (only for grand opening-in charge for food)
  • Cooper Finley (sound check, in charge of tehnical stuff)
  • Other waiters and waitresses.

Memorable moments

  • Alan's proposal to Elliot to marry him.
  • Cooper finding out Gabi choose Josh.
  • Bingo night.


Young & Pretty Woman

Me Sing? I Could Never. Okay! was introduced in this episode. It held it's grand opening where there were lots of people mostly men. The opening was in the evening. Gabi was in charge of the food and Cooper of the tehnical stuff. He put on microphones and speakers. The bar has white chairs and a beautigul counter where drinks can be served. At the grand opening Alan proposed to Elliot, but the moment was ruined when Cooper find out Gabi and Josh kissed.

Young & Part Two

In Young & Part Two the karaoke bar appeard only at the end where Elliot, Yolanda, Alan and Josh were drinking and celebrating Elliot and Alan's engagment. They were all at one table and they were drinking wine.

Young & Back to Normal

It was a bingo night at the Me Sing? I Could Never. Okay!. In the bar were lots of guest mostly men, because it was a bingo night that was supposed to be hosted by a man dressed in a woman. Alan firstly called Elliot and told him that his man who's supposed to be a woman quit and he needs someone else. Elliot then told Yolanda is she would be the host and she agreed withouth knowing she was supposed to be a man dressed in woman. At the bingo night all guests were claping for Yolanda and she went on stage and started to pull numbers.

Young & Oh, Brother

It was the venue for Elliot's bachelor party. Lots of gay guys turned up, including Sofia's brother Benji (who Gabi had a crush on).


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