Ms. Willson
Mrs Willson
General Information
Full name Bernice Willson
Nickname(s) Ms. Willson (by Gabi and Sofia)
Gender Female
Birthdate May 8, 1922
Age 96
Resides in San Francisco, California
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color White
Family and Friends
Romances Harry (ex-husband, deceased)
Charlie (ex-husband)
3 other unnamed husbands
Burnie (possible boyfriend)
Friends Gabi Diamond
Josh Kaminski
Sofia Rodriguez
Production Information
First Appearance Young & Valentines Day
Last Appearance Young & Vegas Baby
Portrayed by Betty White
Bernice Willson is a character in season 5 of Young & Hungry and is Gabi and Sofia's downstairs neighbour. She is portrayed by Betty White.


Young & Valentines Day

When Gabi tries to escape from Josh, she finds herself in Mrs. Willson's house, who threatens to call the cops on her, who is also wearing a wedding dress. Gabi apologises for breaking in and asks why Mrs Willson is wearing the dress. She explains she wears it every valentines day and it gives answers to life questions. Mrs Willson lets Gabi try on the dress to see if she's ready for marriage (Gabi thinks Josh is proposing) and explains she has been married 5 times. In the end, when Gabi returns with the dress, she says she's not ready for marriage and she and Mrs Willson get a show from a stripper meant for Sofia and Yolanda.

Young & Vegas Baby

Its revealed Gabi shares her birthday with Mrs Willson and convinces Mrs Willson to go to Las Vegas to visit Bernie, an ex-boyfriend. Its revealed that Mrs Willson's first name is Bernice and its implied or possible that Bernice and Bernie got back together.




I wear it every Valentines Day. It is Valentines Day, right?
Reminds me of Charlie, my fourth husband.
This is the guy you ran away from? News flash: gay.
Is she really this dumb?
Vegas baby!


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