Nick Diamond
Nick Diamond
General Information
Full name Nick Diamond
Gender Male
Resides in Reno
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Family and Friends
Children Gabi Diamond (daughter)
Romances Sarah (ex-wife, deceased)
Kathy Kaminski (ex-girlfriend)
Production Information
First Appearance Young & Parents
Portrayed by Jerry O'Connell

Nick Diamond is a minor character in Young & Hungry and is Gabi Diamond's father. He is portrayed by Jerry O'Connell.


Not much is known about Nick, but he is very close with his daughter, Gabi,

Physical Appearance

Nick is shown to be tall with brown hair and brown eyes.

Character History

Season 3

Nick is first officially shown in Young & Parents and wants to stand up to Josh's mother, Kathy Kaminski about her thinking Gabi isn't good enough for Josh, causing the parents to not get along. Nick also thinks Josh is taking advantage of Gabi because she is his employee and there is a few years of age between them. However, Nick and Kathy are seen making out at the movies, where Josh and Gabi happen to be for a date.


Gabi Diamond


Gabi and Nick are close and appears to be very protective of her, especially when he finds out her boyfriend is her boss, Josh Kaminski.


  • He is Gabi's father
  • He briefly dated Josh's mother, Kathy
  • He first physically appears in Young & Parents.
  • He is protective of Gabi.
  • He has been mentioned twice - in the Pilot and in Young & Punch Card.


Season 1

Season 3

Season 5


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