General Information
Full name Ruben
Nickname(s) Sammy the sandwich
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Occupation Dressed as sandwich at Sammy's.
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Family and Friends
Romances Sofia Rodriguez (broken up)
Friends Gabi Diamond (possibly)
Production Information
First Appearance Young & Sandwich
Last Appearance Young & Sandwich
Portrayed by John Gabriel
Ruben is a character that appears in season 2 of Young & Hungry. He used to date Sofia, but not for a long time.


Ruben is around 25 years old and is a nice young man. He was looking for a girlfriend online on a dating website. He was found to be Sofia's perfect match, so Gabi set up a date and told Ruben to say that he's a friend of Cooper's. Ruben works at the sandwich company dressed as the Sammy the samich(sandwich) standing in front of the store to drag people to buy a sandwich.


Ruben is a nice looking around 25 year old man. He has a nice body texture and shape. He's slim and medium height man. He works at the Sammy's sandwich store and is often dressed into a sandwich suit.


  • He's a nice looking man.
  • He is looking for a girlfriend.
  • He signed himself in a dating website.
  • He likes Sofia.
  • as a sandwich.


Season 2



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