Season 5 Gabi & Josh

Gabi and Josh's "on-again-off-again" relationship" is one of many running gags in the show.

Young & Hungry is known to have some running gags throughout it's run.

Gabi and Josh

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Gabi and Josh's relationship is the centric relationship of the show. The relationship is shown to be similar to the Ross and Rachel relationship from Friends as it is very much "on-again-off-again" throughout the show, which leads to a "friends with benefits" relationship in the first half of season 5, before they reunite in Young & Amnesia.



Gabi is shown to meddle a lot in the show on different things, which can some times annoy her friends/co-workers - mostly Josh and Sofia - but it is shown to work out in the end.



Josh is shown to get jealous at times with guys Gabi has either been interested in or dated, although he does it because he wants to protect her, but he has admitted to being jealous.



Sofia is shown to be very ambitious in her work and likes to aim for promotions. Her ambition is shown a lot whilst she works for magazine editor Logan Rawlings and Sofia likes to make sure she is doing the work hard to aim high and very much caring about her work.


Crush on Josh

Elliot has a very openly crush on Josh and likes to kiss up to him, although Josh doesn't feel the same way because he is straight. Elliot even mentions in Young & Punch Card that all he's ever wanted is to be with Josh and is jealous of Josh's relationship with Gabi since she can be and is with Josh, whilst Elliot isn't.

Making fun of Yolanda

Elliot and Yolanda have a friendship where they tend to make fun of each other in different ways. Elliot often makes fun of Yolanda's appearance or lack of work, although she also makes fun of his appearance.



Yolanda's Catchphrase is "Oh my damn!". She often says this when something good or even bad happens and is heard in most episodes.

Making fun of Elliot

Yolanda and Elliot's friendship is made up of a lot of jokes with each other. Yolanda often makes fun of the fact that Elliot is gay and his appearance, similar to how he makes fun of her appearance.

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