Gabi: You are my best friend.
Sofia: And you are mine.
Young & Downtown Gabi
General Information
Characters shipped Gabi Diamond and Sofia Rodriguez
Status Best Friends
Like Sisters
Portrayed by Aimee Carrero and Emily Osment

Sabi (Sofia/Gabi) is a close friendship between Sofia Rodriguez and Gabi Diamond.

To see the real life pairing see Aimily.

Sofia and Gabi are portrayed by Aimee Carrero and Emily Osment.


Sofia and Gabi are best friends. They have been friends since they were in the 7th grade and they live together in a small apartment. Sofia is a very good friend who supports Gabi's ability and passion for cooking and she really supports her and gives her advice how to deal with her good looking boss Josh Kaminski.

They had a temporary falling out in Young and Secret when Gabi made Sofia pretend to date Cooper and the plan backfired when Sofia befriended Josh's fiancé, Caroline. But they made up after Sofia found out that Cooper dumped Gabi and skipped seeing Lorde with Josh and Caroline to make sure Gabi was ok.


Season 1

Pilot Sofia and Gabi became friends before the Pilot episode. Gabi came into her and Sofia's apartment and she was really happy. Sofia fastly asked her if she got the job and Gabi told her that she did get it, so they started to jump and scream. Then they started to talk how Sofia can get promoted if she brings Josh Kaminski and his friends to the bank. When Gabi was desperated what to do for the dinner for Josh and his Girlfriend, Sofia comfort her that she needs to believe that she can do it. When Gabi showed to Sofia a black card she was so inpresed.

When Gabi was preparing dinner for Josh she called Sofia and she told her that everyting is going great. Sofia then comfort her that she needs to believe in herself and she needs to be a warior. (she was watching hunger games). Later at Sofia and Gabi's apartment, Sofia told Gabi that she made a mistake and she tried to tell her that he's her boss not some guy she has feelings for. When Gabi said that she left her knife colectiont Sofia said that she needs to go get it.

Young & Ringless

Sofia comes back home and screams at Gabi that it's her first day at work and than she can't be late. Right after that Gabi came back from bedroom with no shirt on but only with a bra. She has two shirts on and she can't figure out which to wear. So then Sofia starts to make fun of her and tells her that they know that he likes her withouth th shirt but then Gabi asked her if she can just help her.  Sofia continued with jokes and 
tell her that from now he's her boss and she's gonna need to wear clothes.  Gabi tried to change the subject and she asked Sofia if she worked out. Sofia told her that she ran to the Car Dilershio for free donuts, to the bank for free coffee and to the shop for free toilet paper. So after that Gabi took the cofee and drink it but she acidently spiled herself. Sofia then tried to comfort her by telling her that she needs to get it together and she told her throught her botomm of the heart that she can't screw this up. Sofia then showed her this pose that she needs to use when she think she can't do stuff. 

Hours later Sofia came to Josh's apartment and she brought things that Gabi needs to cook the dinner for the Chinese businessman. Gabi was freaking out because she does not know that well how to cook chinese
dinner. She took the pumpair and started to pump the duck so it would get crispy. Sofia was actually talking about the view from Josh's apartment ans she wanted to convince Gabi is she can take a picture of her. 

When Gabi started to walk with the pumpair the duck fell on the ground. Then Gabi told Sofia how she can't do this but Sofia cheer her up.

Young & Lesbian

Sofia and Gabi are only seen once together in this episode. It's when Gabi comes home to prepare for a "date" with Logan Rawlings. Sofia is surprised what she would do for her boss. SO Gabi asked Sofia for advice if she looks hot and Sofia said yes and also Gabi told her that she will bring her home food.

Young & Pregnant

Gabi opened door for Sofia because she brought her pregnancy test. Sofia told her that she can't be pregantn and that they used protection But Gabi then told her that maybe. Sofia got surprised and said how
couldn'0t they use protection. Gabi was nervous and she went to the bathroom to pe on the test. Sofia told her that she wishes that she would have a shy vagina becuase now they wouldn't be in this mess. When Gabi came out she had one minute to panic and she did. Sofia was looking at the time till one minute finishes. Then Josh came and Gabi introduce themselfs. Gabi lied that Sofia is here to help her sut sandwiches into triangles. Gabi then saw she was positove and Sofia got scared but then Gbai told that it is ruined.

Later Sofia came again with the pregnancy test and she apologise to Gabi because she was so late. Gabi then left to go pe. In Josh's laundy room but Sofia and Gabi were freaking out because they were scared Gabi is pregant. Sofia then times her again and Gabi looked at the test and she fell on the floor crying and she told Sofia she is negative. They were both really happy. 

Young & Younger

Sofia was telling Gabi to hurry up and that Happy Hour is almost over. While Gabi was making a strawberry cream and a vanilla cream. Sofia told Gabi that she wants cheap appetizers and hot guys or cheap guys and hot appetizers either is cool as long one of them is covered in reanch.  Gabi told Sofia that Josh also likes that and a funny story that he does not like blue cheese. Sofia asked her if she knows the definition of a funny story. Sofia then pulled Gabi from Josh's apartment.  

On their way out of Josh's apartment Sofia asks Gabi what a hell was that and Gabi asked her what? Sofia told her that they just had a small oreogasim in there. Gabi told her that that's not true. Then they both
enetere the elevator and in there Sofia told her that she treats Josh like he's her boyfriend, Gabi denied it all. She told her that they had one drunken night togetehr and that she is over that. Sofia asked if that's true and then when was her last date and Gabi asked her when was the last saturday. Sofa told her that it was the twelfth and Gabi replied then 4 months ago. Then she said that she is right and that she needs to get back out there. Sofia gave her a cheer that she should really so that.  Elevator opened and a guy was standing in front of it with a phone and Gabi thought that that was fast. Sofia pushed her so her slive got down and Gabi greated the guy who's name was Cam. Later after Gabi and Cam's date Gabi told Sofia how great friend she is because he told her to start dating again.   

Later at Sofia and Gabi's apartment Sofia was waxing Gabi's legs and Gabi told Sofia how mean Josh was to Cam Sofia then told her that he is probably jealous. When Sofia got a bit higher with the waxing Gabi told her that she is not going any higher now. At Gabi's apartment she was teling Sofia how this is her fault that she pushed her to date again and that she end up with someone younger that her. Sofia told her to lie to Josh that she had a great sex with Cam. So she helped her by pretending to be Cam.

Young & Punchy

Sofia came back home from work and she told Gabi that Jon's husband is a owner on the new bar called the petting zoo and he offered them a job. So Gabi first said no but then Sofia told her it pays 500 hundred
dollars each and Gabi quickly asked Saturday you say? On Saturday evening Sofia and Gabi were at the bar dancing and having fun and offering drinks to the people that come to the bar. Later on Sofia was dancing in a cage and Gabi came by and she asked her what is she doing in there and Sofia tells her that piggy went on a break. The next day Sofia and Gabi were in their apartment eating lunch and Gabi told her that who made this rule that you cant date the people you work with. Sofia then told her to act on her date like she is the horrible person and that she's disgusting. Then they had a high five over the idea that they had.

Young & Secret

Sofia is spending the day trying to win tickets to see Lorde when Gabi comes home with Cooper and tells her that she needs to go to dinner with Josh and Caroline, pretending to date Cooper. Sofia refuses, but Gabi
eventually persuades her to go along with her plan and they go to Josh's apartment for dinner. As the dinner pursues, Sofia becomes friends with Caroline and decides to ignore Gabi's plan of pretending her ex-boyfriend texts her during dinner after Caroline says she is friends with Lorde. This leads to a fight between them where Sofia accuses Gabi of taking her for granted and Gabi is angry at her for not listening to her plan. Sofia leaves and spends the night with Caroline and Gabi learns that she told Caroline that she and Cooper broke up and they are still planning to go see Lorde. Sofia comments that Caroline is a great friend and Gabi snaps that they've only been friends for 3 hours. Cooper ends his relationship with Gabi and she ends up confiding in Josh that she feels like she lost the best
relationship she ever had. Initially Josh thinks she means Cooper but Gabi clarifies that she meant Sofia and how they've been best friends since seventh grade and she's afraid that Caroline is going to steal her away. Josh tells her not to worry and offers to let her come see Lorde with them, but Gabi refuses, saying she does not want to ruin the night for Sofia and tells him not to tell her about Cooper. But, while driving to the concert, Josh gives Sofia his phone to take a photo of him and Caroline and she reads a text from Gabi about Cooper dumping her and decides to go home and make sure she's ok. They apologize to each other and sit on the couch, eating a sheet cake that Gabi made.

Young & Car-Less

Sofia and Gabi were driving in Gabi's car driving. Gabi told Sofia that her car has a new duck tape smell.
Sofia was not very comfotable in her car.  Gabi told Sofia that this is so much better than public transportation and that she does not know how doesn't Sofia want to drive with her. Then something started burning and Sofia needed air and Gabi gave her a straw to breath throught the window. Gabi then turned the veint on but it started to blow leaves. But then an weird sound started to noise and Gabi said that that's new but then they figure out her car broke. But they still moved because they were on a hill. 

Hours later Sofia and Gabi came back to their apartment, very messy and their shoes broke. Sofia complained about her car and Gabi told her  that she gets it and that she thinks that her car is a piece of crap, but Sofia told her that she wishes that it was a piece of crab but then she quotes the mechanic that it was a disaster with seat belts. Sofia told her that she says this with love, but that it's time to get rid of that car. Gabi then told her if she sees a picture she's holding and Sofia said that yeah it's when her mom gave her the car for her sixteen birthday. But Sofia insisted that the car is thirty years old and that it's not safe, but Gabi said that she'll never get rid of the car. Sofia told her that it's not safe and that she's gonna she her mother a lot sooner than she thinks if she keeps driving that car. Gabi then had an idea that she should sell pies to afford her car being fixed. "When life gives you lemons, make lemon pies." 

Young & Getting Played

Sofia and Gabi were in their apartment. Gabi was sitting on the couch while Sofia was getting ready for her
date with Derek. Gabi complimented her that she's looking nice. Then they both talked to Derek. Then they relised that Gabi is the perfect bad date for Derek. Later on Gabi and Sofia were in their apartment with Derek. Sofia gave Gabi a beer. Gabi then told Sofia to imitate Yolanda. And she didn when she imitated Yolanda to say bad thungs about her Gabi instead of being mad she was immpresed how good she was. When Sofia said "Give me a hug!" Gabi wanted to hug her but Sofia pushed her and she hugged Derek.

Later on Gabi came home to talk to Sofia. She woke her up and Sofia thought it was a robber so she grabbed a stick and she wanted to hit her but Gabi stopped her. Gabi then told her her problems and Sofia told her to just tell the truth. So she gave her another good advice. On the end Sofia was with Gabi in Josh's apartment and Gabi was begging Sofia to imitate Yolanda once again.

Young & Thirty (...and getting married!)

Gabi was in the living room wrapping the gift for Josh. While Sofia came in happily jumping and asking Gabi what smells so good. She saw muffins on the counter and she happily said that she made her muffins. But Gabi told her that those are for Josh's birthday and that she's free to look at them as much as she wants. Sofia told her if she can look at them on the way to her mouth and she was just about to take one, Gabi stopped her and she told her that hers is on the coffee table. Sofia then went next to Gabi and she grabbed the muffin and she started eating it. Gabi told Sofia that she can't wait to see the look on Josh's face when he sees her birthday present.Sofia then told her that she's gonna say this one more time and then she told her that her girft is super girlfriendy.Gabi then told her how did she get the gift and she as usually denied that it's girlfriendy.   Gabi was in her apartment baking a wedding cake. Sofia told her to let it go. She told her that Josh is marring someone else tommorow.She then said she believes in fate and that true love always wins. Sofia told Gabi that real life is not like pretty woman. She told her that men don't knock on the door in the middle of the night to express their feelings. And then someone knocked. Sofia grabbed the baseball stick and wanted to hit the person. Gabi opened the door and it was Cooper. Sofia droped the stick and she went away.

Season 2

Young & Too Late


  • They are best friends.
  • They are really close.
  • Sofia often helps Gabi.
  • They live together.
  • They have been best friends since the seventh grade
  • They drive in a car.
  • Sofia knows Gabi for a long time already.

Other Ship Names

  • Sobi (Sofia/Gabi)
  • Sofabi (Sofia/Gabi)
  • Gafia (Gabi/Sofia)
  • Gabia (Gabi/Sofia)
  • Diguez (Diamond/Rodriguez)
  • Diamuez (Diamond/Rodriguez)
  • Rodmond (Rodriguez/Diamond)
  • Rodrigmond (Rodriguez/Diamond)
  • Rodriguond (Rodriguez/Diamond)

Similarities and Differences


  • They are both females.
  • They are both young adults
  • They are both broke.
  • They both like to eat.
  • They've both kissed Josh Kaminski. Gabi has kissed him various times due to their relationship and Sofia kisses him in Young & Amnesia, when he gets amnesia.
  • They've both dated Jake Kaminski.
  • They both have boyfriends. - Gabi with Josh and Sofia with Nick.


  • Gabi is blonde, Sofia is brunette.
  • Sofia is not that passionate about cooking as Gabi is.
  • Sofia is more confident than Gabi.
  • Gabi is a chef, Sofia isn't
  • Gabi's mother is dead, but Sofia's is alive.
  • Sofia is very serious at times, especially about work, and Gabi is slightly more laid back.
  • Sofia works for a magazine, Gabi doesn't.
  • Gabi has been in relationships for a longer pediod of time than Sofia.
  • Sofia can speak Spanish, but Gabi can't.
  • Gabi tends to come up with crazy plans but Sofia doesn't.
  • Sofia is a writer, Gabi isn't.
  • Sofia has a brother, Gabi doesn't.



  • Young & Ringless (probably, because Sofia cheered Gabi up and showed her powerpose.)



  • I got this


Sofia: What a hell was that?
Gabi: What?
Sofia: You two just had ....... and oreogasm. I mean I finally get why you don't care about meeting other guys anymore. You treat Josh like he's your boyfriend.
Gabi: I do not.
Sofia: Please. You're so hung up on him.
Gabi: No I'm not. Ok we had one drunken night a month ago. I'm over that.
Sofia: Oh really? You're over it. When was your last date?
Gabi:W hat was the last saturday?
Sofia: The twelfth.
Gabi: Then four months ago. ......... You might be right Sofia.
Sofia: Thank you. You need to get back out there. Start dating again. Turn your taxi light on so guys know you're available.
Gabi: Oh and I am. Taxi Gabi is ready for a ride. ... (the elvator door opens and Gabi and Sofia see a hot guy) Well that worked fast. (Sofia pushes Gabi so her slife can fall of so she could look hotter) Hey there.


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