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Season 3
Premiere Airdate February 3, 2016
Premiere Episode Young & The Next Day
Finale Airdate April 6, 2016
Finale Episode Young & No More Therapy
No. of Episodes 10
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Season 3 is the third season of series Young & Hungry. Hours before the premiere of the second half of season 2 on August 19, Young and Hungry was renewed for a third season, as per the announcement from ABC Family. Season 3 premiered on February 3, 2016 on Freeform (formerly ABC Family) which didn't affect the broadcast time.[1]


Josh and Gabi decide to explore what might be their fairy tale relationship.


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Guest Cast


# Title First aired
1 Young & The Next Day February 3, 2016
While traveling to Coachella, both Josh and Gabi fantasize about each other. When the truck is required repairs, Gabi calls Sofia and confesses about her feelings for Josh. Josh, overhearing the conversation, follows Gabi to Yermo with Sofia. Nearly missing her, they follow her to Coachella and Josh admits his feelings for her. Gabi responds by kissing him, reuniting the couple. Meanwhile, Yolanda deals with Elliot and Alan when they return from their honeymoon.
2 Young & Coachella February 10, 2016
The music festival proves to be the perfect crowd for Gabi's munchies, though the food truck isn't the only success. It's all finally happening for Gabi, but she's left wondering, will it last? With Gabi on cloud nine, Sofia looks for new company for her misery. Meanwhile, Elliotand Alan try to salvage their honeymoon.
3 Young & First Date February 17, 2016
Having driven all night to get back to Josh's home, he and Gabi wake up the next morning to find that they never did consummate their relationship. Instead of getting intimate right then and there, they decide to "create the perfect night," starting with a first official date. Meanwhile, Yolanda, fearing that she is pregnant, accidentally takes a menopause test -- which turns out positive, to her dismay. She lies to Elliot, saying that she is indeed pregnant, when she sees how well he treats her. Sofia tries to figure out how to tell Gabi that she hooked up with Jake at Coachella.
4 Young & Parents February 24, 2016
Gabi's father makes a surprise visit and ruins her plans for romance. Meanwhile, Sofia calls for a boycott after she feels discriminated against; and talk of the future has someone taking a step back.
5 Young & Therapy March 2, 2016
Gabi dabbles in some light espionage to find out what's going on inside Josh's head. However, Josh isn't the only one with issues. When Yolanda suspects someone in the house of being unfaithful, she does a little recon of her own to put their fidelity to the test.
6 Young & Rachael Ray March 9, 2016
Josh attempts to mend the hearts that he's broken, but ends up feeling rejected. Meanwhile, Gabi and Sofia come up with a gourmet way for ladies to get over their exes, which ends up catching Rachael Ray's attention.
7 Young & Rob'd March 16, 2016
A mysterious guy appears under dubious circumstances, and the gals wonder if he's suitable to date. Elsewhere, Josh tries to work on something constructive, so Elliot concludes it's best to leave Josh in the dark on some matters.
8 Young & Getting Real March 23, 2016
Kym Whitley hosts the rest of the cast for an exclusive Q&A with some of the show's biggest fans. In 'Young & Getting Real,' the cast looks back on their favorite moments so far and takes questions from a live studio audience. Fans get a second look at the food, the fights, the romance and every last insult that made them fall in love.
9 Young & Lottery March 30, 2016
The chance at a huge jackpot has Sofia and the gang imagining their dream life. When Gabi meets a cute foodie, she can't help but wonder what her own future will look like. In hopes of earning a little extra income, Elliot gets Alan a job redecorating Josh's office, but quickly finds out he's not exactly rich with design experience.
10 Young & No More Therapy April 6, 2016
A breakthrough with his therapist makes Josh consider ending his sessions, but is that just the commitment issues talking? Elliot and Alan make one last attempt at a honeymoon redo, but will have to make it a three-way in order to get what they want. Sofia also gets another chance at love when she meets a soulful sweetie at spin class.


  • Gabi and Josh got back together, but eventually break up.
  • It premiered on February 3, 2016 and ended on April 6 2016.
  • It consists of 10 episodes.
  • Gabi's father and Josh's mother are introduced this season.
  • The premiere was Young & The Next Day and the finale was Young & No More Therapy.


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