Sofia Rodriguez
Physical Information
Gender Female
Height 5ft 0.25in
Build Athetic
Hair Colour Brown
Eye Colour Brown
Sofia is a beautiful twenty five year old young adult. She comes form a lation family. Her hair is brown and her eyes are also brown.


She has long straight brown hair, brown eyes. Her head is in a circled shape with a very smooth skin, beautiful cheekbones and small nose. Sofia is usually seen wearing beautiful light dresses. She has a slim body, with long beautiful legs. She has a latino origin. Her full name is Sofia Maria Consuela Rafaella Rodriguez.


Sofia had beautiful long striaght curled on the end brown hair. She usually wears them let down but sometime when she's a home she had them up. She usually doesn't wear any accesories on her hair.

  • Sofia's hair in a pony tail (Young & Ringless)
  • Young & Ringless
  • Young & Pregnant
  • Sofia's hair up
  • Young & Punchy
  • Sofia's a bit messy hair
  • Sofia's hairstyle at the wedding.



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