General Information
Full name Tyler
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Occupation -
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Family and Friends
Romances Gabi Diamond (date)
Friends Josh Kaminski
Production Information
First Appearance Young & Back to Normal
Portrayed by Keegan Allen
Tyler is a character that appears in season 2 of Young & Hungry.[1]


Tyler is a young man in his 20s'. He is very nice and quite polite. But he also has a flaw, that he's homeless and lives in his car. He met Gabi when her underwear fell on his car and he brought it to her. There they made a plan for a date. 


Tyler is a good looking guy. He's quite tall and he has a very slim body shape. He has blue eyes and brown hair. 


  • He's homeless.
  • He lives in his car.
  • He dated Gabi.
  • He doesn't use the bathroom often.


Season 2



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