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    Does your mouth water during every episode of Young & Hungry? Not to fear! We have the ultimate Young & Hungry themed menu that you can cook up for your friends before the next episode. All dishes are inspired by Gabi Diamond and Gabi Moskowitz. Enjoy!

    These mouthwatering grilled cheeses can make a great appetizer. Use fresh, quality sourdough bread like Gabi does and chop up the grilled cheese into bite size pieces so your friends can munch on them before dinner.

    Nothing is better in the summer than grilled fruit. Gabi whipped up this grilled peach salad for now try and make it at home for yourself!

    You should always have these ingredients on hand! Gabi cooks up this dish in the episode Food Bomb. It's easy to make at home yourself!


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  • Asnow89

    Thank you to everyone who submitted questions for Gabi! We chose the top five questions for Gabi to answer. Enjoy!

    1. If you had an offer to play Gabi (in the show) would you pass the offer or not?

    That would be so fun, but I do think that if I were to play Gabi in the show, it would be a very different show. Gabi Diamond is in her early twenties and, whereas I am thirty-two. Also, while I love performing, and actually majored in theater in college, my career now is primarily writing cookbooks--acting on a TV show would be totally foreign to me. Now, if I had an offer to host a cooking show on the other hand, the answer would be "absolutely!"

    2. Do you think the show would become popular? How and why (or not)?

    I really do think so! Obviously I…

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