Oh my damn!
— Yolanda's catchphrase
General Information
Full name Yolanda
Nickname(s) Bitch (by Elliot)
Yo-Yo (by Alan)
Gender Female
Birthdate 1966
Age 52
Resides in San Francisco, California
Occupation Housekeeper
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Black
Affiliations Josh's apartment
Family and Friends
Parents Unnamed Mother (deceased)
Unnamed Father
Children Vanessa (daughter)
Derek (son)
3rd Unnamed Child
Relatives Jolanda (sister)
Romances Rabbi Ben (boyfriend)
Coleman (ex-husband)
Rabbi Shapiro (ex-boyfriend)
Dmitri (briefly dated)
Dominick (affair)
Friends Gabi Diamond (like daughter)
Elliot Park (frenemy)
Sofia Rodriguez (like daughter)
Josh Kaminski(boss)
Nick Walker
Alan Lowenstein
Enemies Elliot Park (frenemy)
Production Information
First Appearance Pilot
Last Appearance Young & Yacht'in (show)
Young & Hungry Movie (officially)
Portrayed by Kym Whitley

Yolanda is one of the main characters in the series, Young & Hungry. She works for Josh with Gabi Diamond and Elliot Park.

She is portrayed by Kym Whitley.


Josh’s witty, blunt but kind-hearted housekeeper, Yolanda seems to be Gabi’s only ally on Josh’s staff. Yolanda won’t sugarcoat Gabi’s situation, especially when Gabi commits a major faux pas her first day on the job, but she admires Gabi’s spirit and will have her back even while Elliot schemes to kick Gabi to the curb. Yolanda has a son Derek who is her favorite child and is over-protective of him. She also has a daughter named Vanessa. Her husband's name is Coleman who she loves but they get into fights and she is a big pranker or revenger and can plan a really good revenge. She likes Josh and thinks of him as her second son and likes to give him advice. Yolanda is the kind of person who is proud of who she is and is proud that she is a black woman. If someone messes with her her ain't gonna end well.

Physical Appearance

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Yolanda is Josh's housekeeper, who does really clean so much. She is a bit lazy and and take advantage of any help that she can get. Yolanda is a tall woman with brown skin, she usually makes jokes and supports Gabi. She has long brown hair and brown eyes. She usually wears pants and a shirt.


Yolanda is a warm and loving person. She helps people, especially Gabi. But she can sometimes be a bit mean like she is to Elliot who is also very mean to her. She is a loyal employee and would never steal or be jealous of Josh. She can sometimes be a little stubborn but she is still a good person and thinks good. Yolanda is maybe a bit irresponsible because she is usually late for work. She is afraid of flying as revealed in the season 4 premiere and was tricked by Allen and Elliot. When asked to kiss Allen and Elliot while they where okay with it she said "Where's the tequila" did it anyway but was drinking tequila as seen in the photos.

Character History


Gabi Diamond

Gabi and Yolanda become friends. Just from the beginning Yolanda takes Gabi's side and often tries to make her fell better. (see Golanda)

Elliot Park

Yolanda does not really like Elliot and thinks that he's to mean to Gabi. She usually makes fun of him and argues with him and tried to get him fired.

Josh Kaminski

Yolanda is Josh's housekeeper. They have a good relationship and Yolanda thinks of Josh as a son and Josh Yolanda as a mom. Yolanda likes to take care of him and gives him advice. But they can also get into a fight like they did in Young & Too Late when Josh was mad at Yolanda for giving him a bad advice. Yolanda felt really bad but she knew they will get through it.


Derek is Yolanda's son. Yolanda really loves her son and she takes care of him. She thinks that no girl is good for him except maybe Sofia.


Season 1

Season 2


  • She's a housekeeper.
  • She's a bit lazy.
  • She becomes friends with Gabi.
  • She does not like Elliot.
  • She has a twenty four year old son.
  • She's a tough mom.
  • She likes Sofia.
  • She takes care of her son.
  • She likes to eat.
  • She is usually late for work. 
  • She "hmms" when she has gossip.
  • She pranks her husband.
  • She likes to wear colorful tops. 
  • She likes Gabi.
  • She thinks of Josh as her son.
  • Her mother has died at the age of 51, which is revealed in Young & Josh's Dad.
  • She eats in her sleep, which is revealed in Young & Screwed.
  • She's 51. (Young & Josh's Dad)
  • She never misses an episode of General Hospital. (Young & Amnesia)
  • Her catchphrase is "Oh my damn!"
  • She is the only main character who's username hasn't been been yet revealed.
  • She has a sister called Jolanda.
  • She watches General Hospital.


Yolanda: Wowow, slow your road. That's what got us into this mess.

Yolanda: You never heard of sending a muffin basket?

Yolanda: Ohh you've got it. Now listen honey, when my son was heartbroken I set him down and I told him... oh it's eight o'clock I gotta bounce.

Yolanda:And If you want to stay on my good side and you do. Keep your things in the laundry room, kitchen clean and please stop singing.

Yolanda: Would you chill out. MAybe I'm just happy. Happy I got some dirt. Gather round sisters. So I was taking out trash like I always do and under nit a bunch of two piles toilet paper that only rich people buy. I found a box for.. wait for it.. pregnancy test. Well now I only found the boy but I know exactly what's going on.

Yolanda: I couldn't let the gossip, piglets steal my thunder again. I mean when the fireman came to cut out 500 pound Lou out of his apartment Elliot broke the news.When Mr. Lowenstien became Mrs. Lowenstien Elliot broke the news. It's my turn. And how can you care so much anyway.


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