I remember everything.
Josh to Gabi
Young & Amnesia
Season 5, Episode 10
Young & Amnesia
First Aired May 22, 2017
Production Code 5010
Writer(s) David Holden
Director Andy Cadiff
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"Young & Hold"
"Young & Downtown Gabi"

Young & Amnesia (previously Young & Together) is the tenth episode in season 5 of Young & Hungry and the Spring finale. It premiered on May 22, 2017.


Gabi is horrified when Josh doesn’t remember her after a bump on the head, especially since he seems to remember everyone else – and he was about to tell her something important. When Josh thinks he and Gabi met right before his accident at her audition to be his chef, Gabi sets out to recreate their first meeting in the hopes of jogging his memory.[1]


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Josh: (to Gabi) I think if I loved you, I'd remember it.
Yolanda: What am I craving?
Gabi: A man.
Yolanda: She's good.
Gabi: (about Josh and Yolanda) I don't understand why he remembers her and not me!
Doctor: Well, memory loss is a tricky thing.
Elliot: (runs into hospital ward) How is he? Where is he?
Gabi: (whispers) Okay, he's right over there, but don't be upset if he doesn't remember you.
Josh: Elliot?
Elliot: (goes over to Josh) Josh! You remember me!
Josh: Of course I do, buddy, bring it in (hug).
Gabi: (voice breaks, choked up) Oh my god, how does he remember everyone and not me?! (Goes over to Josh) Josh, hey. Do you remember when we were sitting on your couch-?
Doctor: (pulls Gabi away) No, no, no, no. You have to allow Josh to remember everything on his own.
Yolanda: otherwise it could cause a physic meltdown (doctor gives her a confused look). I never miss an episode of General Hospital.
Gabi: Where did you go for medical school?
Doctor: Harvard.
Gabi: Wow that's really good, good for you.
Gabi: (crying) I'm sorry, it's just what if Josh never remembers me? What if he likes top chef Michael Voltaggio so much that he keeps him as a chef and I never have a reason to go back to Josh's and he forgets me forever? (drinks)
Yolanda: Uh Gabi,'s 9:00am.
Gabi: I know!
Gabi: Did you like the kiss?
Sofia: You were really lose-
(Josh and Gabi kiss)
Gabi: You do love me.
Josh: Yes, I do. I love you, Gabi.
Gabi: Aw, do you remember the part where I told you I love you too, because I do.
Josh: Yeah.
(they kiss again.)
Gabi: (to Sofia) You're having dinner tonight with the man who forgot he loves me?!
Sofia: Who wants to play crazy eights?
Gabi: (cries)
Yolanda: Getchyo ass up!
Josh: Am I in love with the girl who lives in this apartment?
Gabi: Elliot, I can't believe you would be so evil.
Elliot: Really? It's kind of my brand.
Sofia: Everyone knows that Aspen is my dream wedding location.
Elliot: Michael V, it's Elliot P! You'll remember Yolanda, she's the housekeeper. Of course the only thing she's ever waxed is her moustache.
Michael: Hey that's rude.
Elliot: (laugh) Right? So M.V, we have an issue to deal with today.
Yolanda: What? You finally moved into a C cup? (laughs)
'Gabi: Can you help me jog Josh's memory?
Yolanda: Nope.
Gabi: But you just said you'd help me!
'Okay, first of all, the girls and I, don't jog.
Yolanda:(picks up her phone and calls Gabi) Gabi, put down that wine and pick up that blanket.


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  • This is the end of the first half of the season. This is the Spring finale and the last 10 episodes of the season will air in 2018.
  • Jonathan Sadowski said this is currently his favourite episode and its "right up there with Josh and the roses" (Young & Thirty (...and getting married!)) for Jabi. [2]
  • It was originally called Young & Together, until TV Listings changed the title.
  • Josh has amnesia and remembers everyone, but Gabi
  • The Pilot is referenced in this episode and Gabi wants to recreate her first meeting with Josh, in hopes he will remember her. Gabi wears the exact same yellow dress she wore in that episode. There are flashbacks to various scenes from that episode.
  • Sofia and Josh kiss.
  • Michael Voltaggio returns since the Pilot.
  • Josh ends up in hospital for his amnesia, but gets his memory back due to listening to Teagan and Sarah like he did before with Gabi.
  • Gabi cries over Josh and thinks he might never remember her. However he does and gets back together with her.
  • Gabi asks Yolanda to help her jog Josh's memory, so he will remember Gabi.
  • Although it is classed as the Spring finale, it aired towards the end of May, summer time.
  • This is a continuation to the previous episode, Young & Hold.
  • Yolanda watches General Hospital.
  • The doctor studied at Harvard.
  • Jonathan Sadowski stated that in his opinion, this is the best episode the cast have ever shot.[3][4]
  • Gabi and Josh get back together again. This is the forth time they have gotten back together.
  • Josh remembers Gabi and tells her he loves her.
  • Gabi and Josh kiss.
  • Closer is sang again during flashbacks to the Pilot, where it shows Gabi and Josh singing to the song in the episode. Josh also plays the song on his phone to Gabi on the train.
  • Josh mixes Sofia up as Gabi.
  • Sofia and Josh are planning to have dinner together.
  • Michael Voltaggio is hired as the chef and then presumably fired because Josh got his memory back.
Jabi-Roschel Parallel

The similarities between the Jabi scene in Young & Amnesia and the Ross and Rachel scene in the Friends episode The Last One.

  • The scene where Josh follows Gabi to the train and telling her he loves her is similar to the scene where Ross follows Rachel to the airport in the series finale of Friends, The Last One, and tells her he loves her, like Josh does with Gabi in this episode. The only difference between the scenes is that Josh and Gabi kiss and get back together again, whilst admitting they love each other in that scene, but Rachel decides to get on the plane, only to come back in the next scene, where she and Ross kiss, admit they love each other, and get back together again. Ironically, Josh and Gabi are similar to Ross and Rachel.
  • Gabi and Josh say "I love you" to each other.
  • Aspen is Sofia's dream wedding location. In real life Aimee Carrero got married in Aspen.
  • This is the highest rated episode of the first half of the season, with 547 million viewers.[5]
  • It's shown in this episode that Elliot does care about Gabi and likes her, because he helps Josh remember her, which helps them get back together.
  • Alan is mentioned.
  • Just Jared Jr stated that the Jabi scene at the end of the episode is one of the most romantic moment ever for a show.[6]
  • Uncle Chris is mentioned and is getting married in Aspen. Gabi and Sofia are both invited until Sofia misses the train and Gabi almost goes by herself until Josh follows her and goes with her on the train to Aspen.
  • Gabi falls off the balcony of her apartment.
  • Young & Thirty (...and getting married!) is mentioned by Yolanda, when she mentions that Gabi recreated Josh's childhood blanket.
  • Gabi mentions to Josh everything that has happened between them in the last 2 years.
  • The ending of Young & Hold is referenced in this episode.
  • Its revealed in this episode that Gabi and Josh have broken up 3 times, but then as said above, they get back together again for the forth time in this episode.
  • There are various scenes from the Pilot shown in this episode.
  • This was the final episode to air in 2017.


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