Young & Bowling
Season 4, Episode 7
Young & Bowling
First Aired July 13, 2016
Production Code 4003
Writer(s) David Holden
Director Andy Cadiff
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Young & Bowling is the seventh episode of season 4 of Young & Hungry. It premiered on July 13, 2016.


Gabi is thrilled when she wins a local cooking contest using a recipe she got from her Aunt Chris. But when the contest organizers want to take a picture of Gabi and her aunt, Gabi is forced to go on a search for someone she hasn’t seen in years. When Gabi finally tracks Chris down, she is surprised to learn that the reason she hasn’t seen Aunt Chris in so long is her aunt has transitioned into her Uncle Chris. Meanwhile, Josh is forced to relive his childhood bowling trauma, and Elliot soon regrets joining Yolanda’s poker game.[1]


Main cast

Guest cast

  • Ian Harvie as Aunt/Uncle Chris



  • This episode features bowling.
  • Gabi hasn't seen her aunt in 10 years and reunites with her. However, its revealed her aunt is now a man.
  • Josh bowls again and is really good at it.
  • Jerry Trainor, who played Spencer Shay in iCarly, can be seen in the background when kid Josh is bowling.


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