Young & First Date
Season 3, Episode 3
Jabi (3x03)
First Aired February 17, 2016
Production Code 303
Writer(s) Jenny Lee
Director Andy Cadif
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"Young & Coachella"
"Young & Parents"

Young & First Date is the third episode in season 3 of Young & Hungry. It aired on February 17, 2016.


Having driven all night to get back to Josh's home, he and Gabi wake up the next morning to find that they never did consummate their relationship. Instead of getting intimate right then and there, they decide to "create the perfect night," starting with a first official date. Meanwhile, Yolanda, fearing that she is pregnant, accidentally takes a menopause test -- which turns out positive, to her dismay. She lies to Elliot, saying that she is indeed pregnant, when she sees how well he treats her. Sofia tries to figure out how to tell Gabi that she hooked up with Jake at Coachella.


Main Cast



  • Gabi wants a fairytale relationship with Josh.
  • Sofia is dating Jake, Josh's brother and Gabi's ex-boyfriend.
  • Gabi and Josh go on their first date.
  • Josh tries to and wants to sleep with Gabi.


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