Young & Kiki
Season 5, Episode 3
Young & Kiki
First Aired March 27, 2017
Production Code 5007
Writer(s) Lucas Brown Eyes
Director Andy Cadiff
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Young & Kiki is the third episode in season 5 of Young & Hungry. It premiered on March 27, 2017.


Josh tries to keep secret an important meeting with celebrity chef and lifestyle guru Natasha Cook-Campbell, knowing Gabi is Natasha’s biggest fan. But Natasha and Gabi hit it off, leading to great opportunities for both Josh and Gabi. Learning Natasha loves her dog Kiki more than anything, they volunteer to Kiki-sit when Natasha has an emergency. Yet Kiki proves tough to keep track of and could derail their big deals. Meanwhile, Elliot has promised Sofia and Yolanda VIP tickets to a Beyoncé concert, but when his connections fall through, he scrambles to convince them they actually attended the show and just can’t remember it.[1]


Main cast

Guest Cast

  • Heather Dubrow as Natasha Cook-Campbell
  • Mark Adair-Rios as Luis
  • Mara Klein as Server


  • Heather Dubrow from the TV series, That's Life, guest stars in this episode as Natasha.
  • Gabi is a big fan of Natasha Cambal.
  • Natasha have a dog named Kiki.
  • Josh and Gabi lose Kiki, but find her eventually.
  • Gabi almost gets the chance to write a book with Natasha until Kiki jumps out of Sofia and Gabi's apartment window.
  • Beyoncé and Taylor Swift are both mentioned.


  • Elliot supposedly answers the phone and talks, but he doesn't swipe the answer button to actually answer the phone.


Young and Hungry S05E03 - Young & Kiki - March 27 2017

Young and Hungry S05E03 - Young & Kiki - March 27 2017


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