Oh my God, I killed her!
Gabi about Abuelita
Young & Magic
Season 5, Episode 19
Young & Magic
First Aired July 25, 2018
Viewers (millions) 0.30[1]
Production Code 5019
Writer(s) Rachel Sweet
Director Andy Cadiff
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"Young & Motorcycle"
"Young & Yacht'in"

Young & Magic is the nineteenth episode in season 5 of Young & Hungry. It is the penultimate episode of the season and series. It premiered on July 25, 2018.


Josh decides to finally reveal a deep secret to Gabi – he’s a magician. While initially supportive, Gabi becomes frustrated when Josh’s magic takes over their lives. Sofia is terrified to introduce her stern grandmother to her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Yolanda’s pen pal is being released from prison, and wants to meet in person.[2]


Main Cast


  • This is the penultimate episode of season 5 and the series.
  • Sofia's grandmother is introduced in this episode.
  • Yolanda has a pen pal.
  • Josh has loved magic since he was a kid.


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