Young & Piggy
Season 4, Episode 4
Y&H S04E04 image
First Aired June 22, 2016
Production Code 4006
Writer(s) David Holden & Ryan Shankel
Director Phill Lewis
Episode Guide
"Young & Fried"
"Young & Fostered"

Young & Piggy is the fourth episode in season 4 of Young & Hungry. It aired on June 22, 2016.


In "Young & Piggy," Gabi and Sofia are excited to be working together, but when an opportunity for a promotion comes up, both girls decide to go for it. When Gabi tries to prove how great she'd be in charge, her idea for ordering bacon in bulk doesn't quite turn out as planned. Meanwhile, Elliot is surprised to learn that Alan likes camping, and turns to Yolanda to teach him how to be outdoorsy.


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Paul Dooley as Mr. Fancy
  • Denell Johnson as Delivery Guy
  • Ann Benson as Arlene


  • A pig is shown.
  • Gabi and Sofia work together.



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