Young & Rachael Ray
Season 3, Episode 6
Y&H S03E06 Image
First Aired March 9, 2016
Production Code 306
Writer(s) Ali Schouten & Ryan Shankel
Director Andy Cadiff
Episode Guide
"Young & Therapy"
"Young & Rob'd"

Young & Rachael Ray is the sixth episode in season 3 of Young & Hungry. It premiered March 9, 2016.


Josh attempts to mend the hearts that he's broken, but ends up feeling rejected. Meanwhile, Gabi and Sofia come up with a gourmet way for ladies to get over their exes, which ends up catching Rachael Ray's attention.[1]


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Kimberly Guevara as Maureen
  • Brittany Ishibashi as Ella
  • Gabi Moskowitz as Herself
  • Rachael Ray as Herself


  • Josh's prom date comes back and tricks him into believing they're married.
  • Gabi and Sodia go on Rachel Ray's talk show.
  • Gabi breaks down over Josh on live TV.


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