Young & Rob'd
Season 3, Episode 7
Y&H S03E07 Image
First Aired March 16, 2016
Production Code 307
Writer(s) Lucas Brown Eyes
Director Andy Cadiff
Episode Guide
"Young & Rachael Ray"
"Young & Getting Real"

Young & Rob'd is the seventh episode in season 3 of Young & Hungry. It premiered March 16, 2016.


A mysterious guy appears under dubious circumstances, and the gals wonder if he's suitable to date. Elsewhere, Josh tries to work on something constructive, so Elliot concludes it's best to leave Josh in the dark on some matters..[1]


Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Andy Favreau as Rob
  • Clinton Jackson as Officer Morrison


  • Gabi falls for a robber.
  • Sofia becomes suspicious of Rob and doesn't think Gabi should date him.
  • Elliot becomes paranoid about what Josh is writing about him.


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