Young & Softball
Season 5, Episode 5
Young & Softball
First Aired April 10, 2017
Production Code 5003
Writer(s) Mike Dow
Director Andy Cadiff
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Young & Softball is the fifth episode in season 5 of Young & Hungry. It premiered on April 10, 2017.


Josh tries to bond with his dad Matt, but they have trouble finding common ground. When Matt decides to head out of town again, Gabi intervenes and brings Matt to Josh’s softball game in an effort to get them together. But Josh is filling in on Elliot’s team in a gay softball league, so Matt gets the wrong idea about his son. When Matt goes out of his way to show his support, Josh is reluctant to tell the truth, wanting to hold on to his newfound relationship with his dad. Meanwhile, Yolanda recruits Sofia to help sell Squirrel Ranger cookies so they can win a cruise.[1]


Main Cast

Recurring Cast

Guest Cast

  • Irene White as Ms Perkins
  • Cleo Berry as Captain Chandler
  • Kamen Edwards as Umpire
  • Paul Riley Fox as Softball Player
  • James Quach as Softball Player
  • Christian Janner as Dancer


  • This is the second appearance of Matt Danon.
  • Josh tries to bond with his dad.
  • Kym Whitley seemed to have talked about this episode in an interview and she liked that she worked with a squirrel. However, she might have been talking about another episode.
  • Josh and Elliot both play softball.
  • This is the first episode in season 5 where there are no promotional photos from ABC Press, the other is Young & Couchy.
  • Matt thinks 8[Josh]] is gay and he is very impressed of him.
  • Josh plays on Elliot's team.
  • Sofia used to be a a Brown Bird, who sold cookies.
  • Matt catches Gabi and Josh when they are about to have sex.
  • Yolanda and Sofia win the cruise, but then lose it.
  • Elliot hits a home run.
  • Josh states he is 30 years old in this episode, yet he supposedly celebrated his 30th birthday in Young & Thirty (...and getting married!).


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